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Why would you want a regular bin clean?

Well … why would you want nasty smells, bacteria and maggots near your home? A dirty, uncleaned bin is a breeding ground for grime & germs.

Research shows that leaving a wheelie bin to its own devices can bring:

  • Maggots
  • Bad smells to your front or back door
  • And harbour bacteria that can be harmful in cross-contamination

Eww … why wouldn’t you want a bin cleaned regularly?

Is there a benefit to a one off clean?

In truth, we don’t think so, but sometimes when you’re at the end of a tenancy or your moving house, you just don’t need a regular clean.

The price is designed to reflect the additional work a one off clean produces, including admin, time spent undertaking the clean itself and the impact this has on the rounds.

It is still just a bin clean! There is nothing special about it because it costs more. The bottom line is, we want to keep our regular customers happy – they are our priority!

Things you need to know

  1. We come the day the bins are emptied (except in a few instances where we come the day after)
  2. If you have two different colour bins that are emptied on separate weeks we will come both weeks.
  3. We can’t alternate the cleans. If you require two bins to be cleaned, please select the “two bin” option.
  4. We operate a four weekly cycle so your bin clean will be added to the next available round. This applies to both one off & four weekly cleans.
  5. We cannot guarantee that bookings made with less than 36 hours notice will be added to the next available round.
  6. We DON’T clean the outside of the bins – This is due to strict regulations imposed by the water board (Severn Trent) that forbids the contaminated water from entering storm drains.
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What happens next?

Once you know that we cover your area, select the frequency you would like to have your bins cleaned. On the payment page you will be asked to select your bin colour and add any additional information that may help us find your bin (e.g. collected on a side road, round the back of garages etc.)

Once your payment has been confirmed you will receive an email advising when your first bin clean(s) will take place. This can take up to 36 hrs (especially at weekends) so please BEAR with us.

Our emails can sometimes go into spam so please check & add admin@bearcleaning.co.uk to your contacts.

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