Terms & Conditions

At Bear Cleaning Ltd we believe our commitment to customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. In addition to completing every service to the highest standard, we will endeavour to maintain excellent communication throughout.

We hope that you will be entirely satisfied with the service you receive from Bear Cleaning Ltd. By booking our services you hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Bear Cleaning Ltd will provide twelve bin cleans for twelve monthly payments. As bins are emptied on a four weekly rolling basis, this means that there are a total of thirteen waste collections in a twelve month period. Therefore there will be no bin cleaning service provided during the Christmas/New Year period. Specific dates will be emailed to you ahead of time. Please check your spam.

Bear Cleaning Ltd will perform the service selected by the customer on the day the customer has identified.

In the event that Bear Cleaning are unable to fulfill the service they will endeavour to make one further attempt to clean the bin. This clean will be completed at a time convenient to Bear Cleaning Ltd. In the event that this cannot be undertaken Bear Cleaning will offer a refund for the missed clean.

In the event that the Local Authority does not empty the bins suitable for cleaning or the bin cannot be located Bear Cleaning will leave a card advising of the missed clean. Bear Cleaning will not issue a refund in this circumstance.

If refuse collections are cancelled or rearranged, Bear Cleaning Ltd will endeavour to accommodate these changes to ensure that the bins are cleaned in line with the current cycle and will contact the customer via email, at their earliest convenience and wherever possible, ahead of the scheduled clean.

If the customer believes that the bin has not been cleaned and there is no card, they must contact Bear Cleaning Ltd within 48 hours to advise. Concerns received after this time, are more difficult to resolve.

Cleaning Service

Bear Cleaning Ltd will perform the service selected by the customer on the day they have identified.

In the event that we are unable to perform the service Bear Cleaning Ltd will contact the customer to rearrange an alternative, mutually convenient date, as soon as is practically possible.

Bear Cleaning Ltd requires twenty-four hours’ notice to cancel a service. In the event that they are unable to carry out the service without the required notice, they may at their discretion, charge to recover the lost business.

Invoices are payable on receipt, unless otherwise agreed and identified in advance. If the balance is not paid within three business days Bear Cleaning Ltd reserve the right to add interest to the outstanding balance at a rate of 5% per week.

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