Professional Gutter Cleaning

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Bear Cleaning Ltd provides a professional gutter clean for your property.

Whether it’s a one-off or annual clean, our Gutter Vacuum system will remove any obstructions or debris keeping your gutters flowing free.

The Gutter Vacuum system can reach over extensions and conservatories allowing for access that cannot be achieved manually. The Gutter Vacuum system can also reach up to dormers or higher than average townhouses (four stories.)

On request, a CCTV camera can be attached to the Gutter Vacuum system so we can show you the results.

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Frequently ask questions

What causes blocked gutters? 

Throughout the year, gutters suffer from a build-up of various types of natural vegetation, including leaves, pine needles, moss, and grass.; birds also carry and drop seeds; leaves blown through the air by winds often fall onto rooftops, where they can then settle and collect inside of gutters and downpipes – all of this builds up and eventually causes blockages.

Moss really is a particular problem for blocking gutters. Properties in the shade of trees or those that are north facing naturally have less light and are the perfect breeding ground for moss as it flourishes in damp and shaded environments.

Damp vegetation within the gutter provides an ideal breeding ground for moss and weeds. They can grow aggressively, and the weeds will block the flow of water through the gutter, eventually causing an overflow. 

Above the guttering, moss is like a sponge on your roof, whilst absorbing moisture it prohibits the roof from being able to dry. This constant source of dampness can seep through the tiles, which will eventually cause damage to the property. 

With our innovative Gutter Vacuum Systems roof scrapers, we can clean your roof and scrape this moss from your roof, removing it before it becomes a much bigger problem for you.

How do blocked gutters cause damage? 

Once gutters become clogged the rainwater cannot flow freely. When they remain blocked, they will overflow and the resulting water damage can present a whole variety of issues.

Long-term damage to your property, including foundations, walls, fascia boards, windows and ceilings is very common. Internally these damages can result in the growth of mould spores and dampness within your home.

How can you clear my gutters? 

We have invested in our professional equipment from Gutter Vacuum Systems so that we can safely inspect, diagnose issues and clear your gutters, without danger, safely from the ground, with minimal to no disruption to you.

Our high-powered gutter vacuum system allows us to clear gutters that are otherwise inaccessible and with our series of GVS poles, we can safely reach over conservatories, extensions or garages from your standard size residential property to four storey house. We also provide commercial and industrial gutter cleaning too.

When should I have my gutters cleared? 

If you can see signs of water running down the exterior of your building, or overflowing leaking gutters, this is a warning sign there’s a blockage somewhere.

Regardless of this we suggest routine visits in the Autumn and Spring. Regular check-ups are the best way to avoid blockages, especially if your property is surrounded by overhanging trees or your roof is prone to moss. This should keep your gutters nice and clear all year round.

How much does it cost to clean my gutters?

Our gutter cleaning service cost starts at £65 +VAT

This covers up to 12 metres of guttering which is generally a 3 bed semi front and back.

After 12 metres the price goes up by £3.50+VAT per linear metre. Simply fill out our enquiry form and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

What areas do you cover for gutter cleaning?

We clean gutters in and around the following areas: Kenilworth, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Stratford Upon Avon, Rugby, Southam, Lighthorne Heath, Hatton and Bishop’s Tachbrook, to name just a few locations – if you don’t see your location listed, but you’re in/around this area, just fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get in touch to confirm.

How do you measure gutter size?

When it comes to measuring your gutters, you could get out your trusty old step ladder, and stand out in the rain, balancing on one foot with a tape measure in hand.

Or you could just use our simple guide on how to measure your gutters using Google Maps, with a warm cup of tea in one hand and a nice chocolate biscuit in the other.

We know which we’d prefer!

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