Aren’t you just making it easier for people not to reduce their waste?

Our aim at Bear Cleaning is to help households manage their excess waste. We’re certainly not discouraging people from recycling. We’re just offering a practical solution to busy households who have recycled as much as possible and would rather not spend their valuable free time disposing of rubbish at the tip.

Why are you offering household waste collections?

Since August 2022, when Warwick & Stratford District councils merged their waste collection service, the waste collection system has changed from fortnightly to a 123+ system:

1 – Weekly food collection

2 – Fortnightly recycling 

3 – Three weekly refuse

+ Green waste will be collected separately at a cost of £40 per permit per year.

The council hopes reducing refuse collections to three weekly will encourage people to recycle more. This will lower the amount of waste and reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

We feel that some households will still have too much refuse to wait every three weeks for collection despite recycling as much as possible, resulting in overflowing bins or time consuming trips to/from the local tip. That’s why we offer a waste collection service – as a solution to support those households that the 123+ system just doesn’t suit. 

Can’t people just take their excess waste to the tip?

Yes, of course they can. However, not everyone has the time to do this. That’s where we can help. 

Charging people for a service that should be included in council tax isn’t right; how can you justify this?

We understand why you would ask this. As a Warwickshire family with three children and a dog, we too feel the impact of any reduction in waste collections as much as you do.

We aim to give information on how people can reduce their waste. If they try this yet still need extra waste collection, we can help. 

What areas do you cover for waste collections?

We operate waste collections in and around the following areas: Kenilworth, Stoneleigh, Ashow, Burton Green, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Hatton, Hampton Magna, Barford, Wasperton, Bishop Tachbrook, Bishop Itchington, Lighthorne Heath, Lighthorne, Southam, Stockton, Napton, Harbury, Long Itchington, Stratford upon Avon (Town only), Wellesbourne, to name just a few locations – if you don’t see your location listed, but you’re in/around this area, just fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get in touch to confirm.

How much does waste collection cost?

We offer two services, a regular waste collection or a one-off wheelie bin or waste bag collection.


Our regular collection service starts from just £19 per month, for which you’ll receive a collection every three weeks, that’s just £13.50 per collection! For our one-off wheelie bin collection it’s £19 per bin, and we offer extra waste bag collections for £3.50 per black bag.

If I sign up, when will you collect my extra waste?

Our current waste collections are a Wednesday and Friday and we will put your Bear Cleaning collection in the middle of the council regular collection.If you book a one off we will get you the closest empty possible.

Where does my waste go?

We take it to a waste management facility in Coventry. There, it’s sorted to extract recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic, glass, building materials, timber and metals. Anything that can be recycled will be. The rest is processed through an incinerator and converted for energy. 

What green credentials does Bear Cleaning have?

We continue to pay close attention to upcoming technologies and developments in the use of electric-powered vehicles & cleaner fuel options to improve the carbon footprint as costs allow. 

Our long-term aim is to have an entirely electric fleet for both cleaning & collections. However, cost and limited range capabilities mean we’re not able to do this yet. 

Our waste collection vehicle has a EURO 6 engine, the most environmentally efficient vehicle available right now other than electric.

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