Why have your roof cleaned?

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Owning a property is probably the biggest investment we make in our lifetime. Taking care of your home is important and maintaining it in a planned way can prevent unexpected costs down the line. Plus, insurance companies don’t look favourably on claims that could have been avoided with timely maintenance.

Due to the UK’s wet climate algae, moss and lichen are commonplace on roofs. The damp conditions provide the perfect breeding ground for micro-organisms. Roof cleaning involves the removal of organic matter from the roof. This includes, but is not limited to moss, algae, lichen and guano.

Why is it necessary?

Left untreated, moss can damage your roof. As it grows into the crevice’s the moss can freeze and expand, which cause the tiles to crack and move. Moss is a living organism and feeds on the roof tiles, which over time shorten the life expectancy of the tiles.

In heavy rain or wind, moss can become dislodged and fall into the gutters and downpipes causing blockages. In the worst cases this can cause internal damp.

Moss can fall from the roof onto your driveways and patios, this causes an unsightly mess and can be trampled into your house. Moss lichen and algae can become unsightly, spoiling your property’s kerb appeal.

What’s involved?

Depending on the composition and age of the roof, along with personal preference, there are two options to consider.

The scrape and biocide process does pretty much what it says on the tin. Using our own scaffold & long reach poles the roof is scraped of as much moss as possible. It’s then sprayed with a chemical treatment that kills any remaining algae and moss spoors which prevents regrowth and can sustain the longevity of the roof. This is not necessarily a pretty option, but a practical one.

Steam can restore the tiles to their original colour, as well as removing all organic matter, it provides an instant result and wow factor. Steam enables exceptional cleaning results using a combination of low water pressure which decreases the risk of any damage to the roof.  Like the scrape option, the roof is then treated with a biocidal wash to ensure longevity.

Why us?

We want to help you fall back in love with your space.

To that end we will take care of your property. We have invested in equipment to ensure we have the best tools for the job and our team are qualified in IPAF and PASMA. Our team are well-trained, friendly and professional. Once the roof clean is complete, we empty the gutters, clean the windows, soffits and fascia’s and leave your property as we found it … with the addition of a beautifully cleaned roof!

We are comprehensively insured and offer a three-year guarantee on our work. This means in the event of any regrowth we will return and retreat the whole area.

We don’t step foot on the roof and we don’t use high pressure washers that provide a quick solution but could cause unseen damage. 

As you might expect quality work comes with an investment, but one that will safeguard against future expense or unexpected costs. Work is quoted on an individual basis, with all factors being considered, including the type of material involved and personal preference.

If you would like to know more please get in touch and discuss your property requirements.

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